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Globes Revisited

When I started researching the globes I was operating under the basic assumption that the date of the globes was appropriate to the period in which Paul McCobb might have likely designed them, which is to say 1952 to 1959. Later I learned this assumption was inherently flawed as further research and study revealed that the globes were in fact produced in the 1970's.
The problem this presented is that when I contacted Replogle to ask them about it I specifically asked them about their production during the 50’s, 1950 to 1959! To which they replied that they had not manufactured anything of the sort in that time period. With that answer in hand I believed I had reached a dead end in this line of enquiry. I despaired of ever finding who manufactured these globes.
A year ago when I started on this line of research it had never occurred to me that the timeline estimate could possibly have been quite so wrong and misleading. It was only recently after revisiting my notes on the globes tha…