Lane: By The Numbers

A short time ago I put up a little bit of info on Instagram about Lane's Signature and Components groups by Paul McCobb now here's the rest of the info.

McCobb's work for Lane, produced between 1961 and 1965 was comprised of three group: DelineatorSignature, and Components. Signature and Components pieces have proven to be relatively hard to come by so far (which is not to say that Delineator pieces are exactly littering the planet, but they are far easier to obtain than their cousins).

Lane pieces (at least the tables) are easy to understand as they're typically marked with not only the design group number but they also have a "serial number" right below the design number, which is actually the production date written in reverse, so, once you know what you're looking for the tables are easy to identify. And that nicely brings us right around to the topic of this article which is a quick and dirty primer on how to identify Paul McCobb's designs for Lane

Lane production numbers follow the pattern XXX-XX or XXXX-XX where the first series of either three of four digits signifies the group and the second series tells us the design number within that group, fairly simple and straight forward...

The McCobb design numbers are as follows:

Delineator Tables - 1961-1965

987-XX = Walnut Veneer
995-XX = Rosewood Veneer

Signature Tables - 1962-1964

1000-XX = Teak w/ Black Leather Insert
1001-XX = Walnet w/ Black Leather Insert
1005-XX = all Teak

Lane cedar chests also follow the same type of rules but they have different design numbers. There are two Lane Chests designed by Paul McCobb for the Delineator series:

1957-77 and 1960-77

The Lane case pieces are a little bit more oblique as the production numbers are rarely (if ever) marked on the cases. But the production numbers do exist so I'll lay them out for you then I'll start to show you some pictures

Delineator - 1961-1963

270-XX = Walnut w/ Rosewood Tops
271-XX = All Walnut

Components - 1963-1965


Lane's Delineator collection taken from House Beautiful October 1961

Lane Signature catalog pages 1962

Lane Components in House & Garden June 1963


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