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Linear Group Room Divider post updated

The Linear Group Room Divider post has been updated to reflect new information about the construction and manufacture of these pieces. It seems likely now that Imperial Furniture made the initial production run (untagged and using hook eyes as a connection method for the shelves) and Calvin Furniture the remainder of the production (Calvin Furniture tag, aluminum center support across top shelf, aluminum tabs as connection method for the shelves).

"A Tale of Two Chairs" blogpost updated (again)

Just added a modern color photo of the Planner Group 1535 chair in my own collection to the "A Tale of Two Chairs" article.

Calvin equals Paul McCobb?

The name Calvin Furniture has become almost synonymous with Paul McCobb. So much so that pieces which are clearly labeled as being made by other manufacturers (such as the Connoisseur Collection pieces by H. Sacks and Sons) are occasionally listed as being by Calvin even though the furniture label clearly states otherwise.

The truth is much furniture that you will see by Calvin is designed by Paul McCobb, but not all of it.
In the late 50's and early 60's Calvin Furniture continued their business relationship with B. G. Mesberg National Sales and Directional Furniture even after Paul McCobb was no longer designing for those concerns.
It’s important to know that Paul McCobb was not the designer for Calvin Furniture. Paul McCobb was the designer for Directional/B. G. Mesberg National Sales, Calvin Furniture was one of the many furniture manufacturers contracted to manufacture Paul McCobb's designs.
The earliest non-Paul McCobb designed group manufactured by Calvin that I am awa…