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Just a thought...

I find it interesting that Paul McCobb Design Associates employees prior to 1956 are really rather hard to find and frequently impossible to locate and/or find out much about their continuing careers. Those folks hired after 1956 are easy as their careers flourished upon departing Paul McCobb Design Associates. I am starting to get the idea that Paul McCobb had access to a much higher caliber of employee post 1956.

Hitting the wall

There comes a time in any project of this nature where you hit a wall, where it seems there can't possibly be any more information out there to be found. This can be very frustrating when you still have unresolved questions and no clear way to find the answers, but, as I have discovered, this is part and parcel of the research process and there's really nothing to it but to take a step back and find something else to focus on.
Recently I have been very hard pressed to find any new tidbits of data so I did what I always do when I hit these plateaus, I start going through the files already in my research archive; further organizing, annotating and filing the bits and pieces that I have already collected. 
Part of doing this forces me to send my scanned clippings through a text recognition program. This is the kind of drudge work which I am normally loathe to take upon myself especially when you take into account the huge backlog of articles in my research archive and the glacial s…