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Desk Accessories by Gift Craft

I first became aware of the Paul McCobb Group by Gift Craft Leather when I acquired Paul McCobb's papers in 2010. There were three very good black and white photo's of the group but little else in terms of hard information, at this point I did not even know the name of the manufacturer.
Shortly after, in August 2010,  I learned that the companies name was Gift Craft Leather from a visit to the Science, Industry and Business Library on Madison Avenue in NYC where I found the following snippet from Office Management Magazine's October 1959 issue (with help from Google Books and the Hathi Trust Digital Library) in their Microfiche archive.

It wasn't until January 2011 during a visit to Gerard O'Brien's absolutely wonderful free design library at Reform Gallery in Los Angeles that I learned that Paul McCobb's Gift Craft Leather groups' inception date was actually several years earlier in 1957.

Along the way, while I was digging, I learned that George Nelso…