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"A Tale of Two Chairs" blogpost updated

Updated the A Tale of Two Chairs (or Clifford Pascoe vs. Paul McCobb) article with new larger and clearer images

The Daybed that Paul McCobb should have designed...

I received a complete scan of the 1953 Modernmasters catalog yesterday courtesy of the Ball State University Library Drawing and Documents Archive. If you have been following the blog you will know of my interest in Clifford Pascoe and Modermasters as regards a chair Pascoe designed which is commonly mistaken for a similar chair by Paul McCobb (see A Tale of Two Chairs (or Clifford Pascoe vs. Paul McCobb)).

But there's more to it than that, in 1952/53 Pascoe designed an entire range of furniture in birch with wrought iron bases very much in the style of Paul McCobb's 1950/51 Planner Group collection. This Modernmasters collection included various McCobb influenced coffee, end and dining tables and also, as I discovered yesterday, a wrought iron based daybed (or Lounge Bed as it is referred to in the catalog). It was the Daybed that I was looking for.

I had long suspected that Pascoe might have had a Daybed in his collection for Modermasters but hadn't been able to find any t…

Reaction buttons

Just created several reaction buttons for the bottoms of the blog posts
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Are there any other buttons that you folks who are reading this blog would like to see? Let me know in the comments!

Timeline Corrections

Several items on the timeline were incorrectly identified as being part of Paul McCobb’s work for Directional, fixed now.