Directional furniture was the high end of Paul McCobb's various design design endeavors of the 1950's. Starting in 1949 as a line of upholstered chairs to complement Martin Feinman's Multiplex modular case goods. Directional soon blossomed to include hundreds of individual designs manufactured by a multitude of companies.  Directional ceased producing Paul McCobb's designs sometime between 1960 and 1962. Design groups included under the Directional umbrella were: 

Directional Modern by Custom Craft
Directional Group by Furnwood Corp.
The Accent Group by New Era Glass
The Predictor Group by O'Hearn Furniture
Light Fixtures and Accessories by Northcraft Lighting
The Irwin Collection by Irwin Furniture and then later by Calvin Furniture
Curvilinear Group by Custom Craft
Mirrors by Bryce Originals
Ceramics by Philip Cutler Studios
The Connoisseur Collection by H. Sacks and Sons/Meyer, Gunther and Martini
The Pavilion Group by Arbuck 
The Calvin Group by Calvin Furniture
Light Fixtures by Excelsior Art Studios
The Metric Group by Custom Craft
Executive I, II and III by H. Sacks and Sons
Living Wall by H. Sacks and Sons

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