Paul McCobb Timeline

Items in Purple are part of the work Paul McCobb did for Directional

1946 Lamps for Raymor
1949 Directional Modern Upholstered Furniture by Custom Craft
1949 Planner Group by Winchendon Furniture
1950 Planner Upholstered Furniture by Custom Craft
1950 Directional Group by Furnwood Manufacturing
1950 Predictor Carpet by Archibald Holmes
1950 Textiles for Schiffer Prints
1951 Accent Group by New Era Glass
1951 Predictor Group by O'Hearn Furniture
1951 Lamps by Northcraft Lighting
1951 Tonewood by Numa Plastics Corporation
1952 Textiles for L Anton Maix
1952 Pavillion Group by Arbuck
1952 The Irwin Collection by Irwin Funiture (later manufactured by Calvin Furniture)
1952 Curvilinear Group by Custom Craft
1953 Mirrors by Bryce Originals
1953 Ceramics by Philip Cutler Studio
1953 Textiles by Riverdale
1953 Textiles by Samuel J Aronsohn
1953 Connoisseur Collection by H. Sacks & Sons
1953 Upholstered Furniture by Meyer, Gunther & Martini
1953 Lamps by Excelsior Art Studios
1954 The Calvin Group by Calvin Furniture
1954 The Metric Group Sectional Sofas by Custom Craft
1954 Century Line Televisions by CBS-Columbia
1954 Radio by CBS-Columbia
1954 Crystal Line Textiles by F Schumacher
1955 Executive Office Furniture by H. Sacks & Sons
1955 1300 Series Chairs by Custom Craft
1955 Hi-Fi Consoles by Bell & Howell
1956 Tempo Tray by Bolta Products
1956 Linear Group by Calvin Furniture
1956 Ceramics by Ceramic Associates
1957 6000 Series by Calvin Furniture
1957 Perimeter Group by Winchendon Furniture
1957 Tiles for Pomona Tile
1957 Office Accessories by Gift Craft
1957 Plastic Door Handle and styling of folding doors for Grant Pulley and Hardware
1957 Aluminum Concept Furniture for Alcoa
1957 Hi-Fi's by Columbia (Formerly Bell & Howell)
1958 Living Wall by H. Sacks & Sons
1958 Series 700 Kitchen Cabinets by Mutschler
1958 Sheet Glass by Blue Ridge Glass (later American-Saint Gobain)
1959 Plastic Chair by St John Seating Corp.
1959 Contempri by Jackson Internationale
1959 Furniture by Vilas (Canadian)
1959 Area Rug by Edward Fields
1960 Concept and Gallery Group by Child Craft
1960 6200 series Organ by Electro-Voice
1961 Planner Living Wall by Winchendon Furniture
1961 Delineator Group by Lane
1961 Series 690 Chairs by Blair Aluminum Furniture
1961 Series 800 Office Arrangements by Mutschler
1961 600 Series Air Conditioners by Nesbitt
1962 Symmetric Group by Widdicomb
1962 Leyton 100 by Electro-Voice
1962 Signature Group by Lane
1962 Chair by Thonet
1962 Heat Tray by Club Aluminum
1962 Pre Fab Aluminum House Built In Furniture by Alside Inc.
1962 Daryl Products
1962 Components Collection by Lane
1963 Videne by Goodyear
1963 New England Collection by H. Sacks & Sons for Paul McCobb Showrooms
1963 Grand Rapids Collection by Widdicomb
1964 Planters by Architectural Pottery
1965 Unnamed Furniture Group by H. Sacks & Sons for Paul McCobb Showrooms
1967 Philco House of the Future
2018 Planner Tables by Fritz Hansen
2018 Desk Series by Karakter Cph 
2018 Mosaic Elements Tiles by Made a Mano


  1. I can't seem to find an example/photo of any Lane "Signature Group" pieces. Do you have a good resource? Thanks.

  2. The reason that you cannot find anything is that there really isn't anything, references to this line are very few indeed and there is certainly nothing on-line to speak of.

    I do have the Lane Signature catalog in my research archive and a few period references culled from various publications, also a collector I am working with has several examples from this group in his collection, but this is material which I am holding back for the book. Sorry to be a tease but you'll just have to wait for the book to be published to learn more...

  3. I just googled Paul McCobb Planner Group by Winchendon Furniture because we have 2 pieces from this collection! It was actually a curbside freebie if you can believe it. It's not in fantastic shape (could use refinishing) but i love it. Do you have any images of this collection? We have the sliding door cabinet that rests on the spindly steel legs and the desk top with sliding drawers that sits on top. we just moved from austin to berkeley and i convinced my husband that we needed to hold onto these... anymore info on this series would be much apprecitated. thanks!

  4. Images of pieces such as yours can be found in the Paul McCobb Group on Flickr (run by Melissa McCobb Hubbell, Paul McCobb's daughter)

  5. John,

    I just found this, you may or may not have seen it. Anyway, I hope it helps with your research.

  6. I have many pieces made by Country Workshop. I actually learned more about them from you informing me of what they are not than I have found on what they are. Do you know of anyone selling these pieces or in the position to identify their value. It is clear they are somewhat inferior to the Planner works but they are still well made hardwood pieces in really cool modernist shapes. My pieces span from the early 50's early 60's... Thank you

  7. Did McCobb design the Allegro set for Woodard? Thank you

  8. Is there any info on other designers Woodard used or were they just in house?
    Thank you.

  9. In the past year I have purchased a number of pieces in the Planner Group. The clean design is very pleasing and versatile and find it to be a great fit with my existing furniture. My most recent purchase was a table listed as part of the Planner Group but it was not stamped and the foil was no longer affixed to the table. The only identifying marker I could find was a stamp on the extension rails that says, "Walter of Wabash." Did Winchendon use patents from other furniture manufacueres to build the Planner Group? Thanks so much.

  10. I have 2 wing back chairs. I was wondering if anyone can help me identify them as mcCobb--they have the look, but not exact. Not sure if an early version. I can send pix. Thx

  11. Meg you can send photos to me via my Google profile.

  12. Does anyone know whether or not McCobb's work was ever patented?

  13. I was wondering if you knew whether or not McCobb ever design a dining chair for Heywood Wakefield? I have some that are very similar in design to ones in the planner group but not exact (tried to attach a photo but can't)

  14. Hi Bill,

    If it’s not on the timeline here then Paul McCobb did not do it. There was lots of parallel development (and a lot of outright copying too) in design in the 50’s…

  15. Hi there!

    I've been doing some research online about his lamps and am confused by the fact that some sellers say Paul Mccobb designed for Laurel lamps as I don't see it in your timeline. However, the designs look very similar to the ones he did for Northcraft. Is this just a product of copying his designs?

    Thank you!

  16. Hi Laine,

    You have to be careful about what you read online as no-one is editing the internet for accuracy of content. This is one of the pitfalls of doing research online…

    I can tell you that Paul McCobb did not design for Laurel (which is true) but you do not have to take my word for it, you are in the fortunate position of being able to check up on your sources.

    Try this: Ask any of those people who claim that McCobb designed for Laurel to present you with their research/supporting documentation for this claim. Try that and see what kind of responses you get.


  17. Could you tell me what wood species and finishes were used to produce the Planner Group? I have a three drawer chest and I just can't tell. Thanks!

  18. We have info on Paul McCobbs work with Alside Homes Corporation - we would love to share it.

    1. I have rather good documentation on the Alside Houses but would love to see what you have

  19. Did Paul Mccobb design the brass and steel tripod planter that is often attributed to him? Mine has a Wolfcrest Products Michigan city indiana label.

    1. No. Paul McCobb had nothing to do with the Planters. These were also made by Planters Inc. and Witco amongst others. Paul mcCobb did not design any of them however. If it isn't in the timeline then odds are it's not by Paul McCobb.

  20. Hello!
    Thanks for all of the great info!
    I recently purchased 2 beautiful walnut 2-doored, 10 drawer highboy cabinets labeled Directional:Calvin furniture. They look to be early 50's but by the info i see on here they most likely are 60's. The legs are tapered rectilinear with exposed mortis-tendon joints. The finish is med walnut, oil. Any ideas who the designer may be? Thanks!

    1. If it says Directional Calvin Furniture without a designers name then odds are the chests were produced sometime between 1962 and 1967. In that time period Kipp Stewart, Stuart MacDougal, Milo Baughman and Paul Evans were designing for Directional along with other lesser known designers. I think we can safely eliminate Paul Evans as a candidate since his work was singularly recognizeable. I might be better able to help if you sent me a photo.

  21. Thanks for putting all of this information out there! I was curious if you knew if a black lacquer finish was original to the planner group benches - I recently purchased two that have a black painted finish (there is no woodgrain visible) and was curious if this was original or a restoration? It sure looks original, but I was really curious. Also, If the black finish is original, when did it become an option? Thanks so much! Melanie

    1. Hi Melanie,

      Black lacquer was one of the original finishes for the Planner Group when it started in 1950 and it was the only finish option to be available for the entire 14 year history of the Planner Group.


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