The Planner Group - All 'Round Square

It's stark sleekness and simplicity of line made the #1305 All 'Round Square a longstanding staple of  Paul McCobb design in the 1950's. Where other designs came and went the All 'Round Square seemingly never went out of style. Measuring 20" x 20" x 16" it was made entirely of  rather crudely welded 1/2" round wrought iron with flat tabs welded to the top of the frame to attach the seat. 

The McCobb original should not be mistaken for the Frederic Weinberg stool which is of remarkably similar construction. The Weinberg stool measures 16" x 16" x 14". 

Nominally a part of the Planner Group the All 'Round Square, manufactured by the Winchendon Furniture Company, was introduced into the line in Spring/Summer 1952. The earliest known reference to it in my research archive is this Frank Brothers ad taken from the July 13, 1952 issue of the Long Beach Press-Telegram (below). It was sold at the time for $19.95. 

The ad mentions a companion table in "clear blond birch", which, judging by the pictures and sketches was the same wrought iron frame with a solid wood top. Very few of these have survived to the present day, partly, I suspect, due to the fact that not very many were made or sold. This introductory 1952 ad is the only mention I have been able to find of there ever having been a table top version.

The All 'Round Squares can be found in almost any conceivable upholstery fabric. Most typically they were upholstered in Masland Duran or Naugahyde with White and Black being the most common original color choices by far, but certainly they were available in a multitude of  fabrics, colors and patterns over time.

As a final note the All 'Round Square's are never signed anywhere on the base or body.  They were marked only with a hang tag (a small cardboard tag attached to the iron frame by a piece of string) proclaiming "this is a Paul McCobb design".


  1. Check it out. Posted today! I bet they'd ship!

    "Wonderful Paul McCobb - I believe, is this original black vinyl upholstered stool.
    My understanding is that this was part of the Planner group series, Winchendon Furniture. -
    A simple and functional mid-century line.
    This piece is in excellent original vintage condition. The black vinyl is in quite reasonable used condition, without rips, tears, holes, patches, etc.
    Some/minor vinyl wear is apparent.
    The metal iron frame is in great shape........this does not "rock" on a floor, show rust, nor have I spray painted over problems.

    This stool measure 16" by 16" by 14".

    Only $50.00 "

    How weird is that? Too rich for my cheap blood.

  2. If you read carefully you will see that the stool advertised is 16" x 16" x 14".

    The original Paul McCobb Planner Group #1305 All 'Round Square is 20" x 20" x 16"

  3. Many years ago, I purchased 9 pieces of this variation, 7 stools and two table tops. One of the tables still had identification on it of some sort, but I do not remember a hanging tag as you state above. I used them in a family room in the basement. Later I sold them in my store. Surprising to me at the time, the stools were easy to resell, the tables I had for a long time. Wish I still had them today.

  4. One was listed recently in Vancouver at 15" high; is this a knockoff? Looks kind of puffy on top; I guess it depends where you measure the height.


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