The Real McCobb

Here's a link to an article by Larry Weinberg of Weinberg Modern in the July 2011 issue of Interior Design magazine which I contributed to.

The Real McCobb: Mid Century's Paul McCobb is finally getting the recognition he deserves.


  1. Wonderful article! It's great that you're getting the recognition you deserve too.

  2. Hello Jonathan! This is a wonderful article, and it is great to see your research work recognized as well. We are working on a small blog post regarding Paul McCobb and we will be sure to link you to it. There is no way to replicate your fantastic work, but hopefully it will help others understand more about Paul McCobb and his fabulous timeless designs.
    We tend to be a little more pureist in trying to keep the original finish intact, but we see that many designers are not hesitating to change the finishes frequently. I am curious about how this will later effect their value, and how you feel about this. We have to admit, we have mixed feelings ourselves. Mid-century modern furniture is a new horizon that is now making appearances even on Antiques Roadshow.
    We feel lucky to have the few Paul McCobb pieces in our online store currently. Some are even hard to part with, but we have to remind ourselves that we are still in business to make money, even though this is our passion too!
    Thank you again for sharing so much wonderful information on your blog. Your work is well appreciated!


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