1951 Directional Modern #1699 Corner Table

A true rarity!

A genuine Paul McCobb Directional Modern #1699 Corner Table by Furnwood Corp. of Brockton, MA circa 1951

To the best of my knowledge no pieces from this group have ever come to auction. There's almost no documentation whatsoever for this earliest of Paul McCobb's furniture designs barring a single reference on pg. 128 of William J. Hennessey's indispensable "Modern Furnishings for the Home" (reprinted by Acanthus Press in 1997) and an unattributed image of the table along with two early Paul McCobb chairs (also unattributed) in a photo depicting a new Karagheusian carpet in the March 1952 issue of Furniture Age pg. 44.

The legs and structure are solid Honduran Mahogany and the top is of Honduran Mahogany veneered Plywood which is unusual for Paul McCobb's designs as they were most frequently of hardwoods, veneered or solid.

The scale of it astonishes me, the table is 34" (l) x 34" (w) x 24" (h). Huge! Shown here in the Cordovan finish, it was also available in Paul McCobb's signature Sandrift, a custom finish developed by Sherwin Williams for Paul McCobb specific to his use of green toned Honduran Mahogany, a Black Lacquer finish was another option. It's interesting to note that the Sandrift finish predates the 1952 Irwin Collection where it is best known.


  1. I have a table that is very similar to this. It has a label on the bottom, is solid mahogany and has a stamped number as well. Would you be willing to look at photos and compare to see if it's a Paul McCobb piece?


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