Spent the day today with Paul McCobb's daughter Melissa and her husband Andrew sorting through a recently re-discovered archive of her father's design work (it's amazing what you can find in the attic some days).

The upshot is I now have in my possession several project reference binders, chock full of press photos, furniture catalogs, and 35mm color slides put together by Paul McCobb himself as a reference for his work.

It is an incredible cornucopia of new and better information+ new and better images.

But it's only on loan so I will need to make quick work of it, scanning and cataloging all the new information.

The Gift Craft office set is in it and the Electro-Voice Organ (both of which I had been having a very hard time finding elsewhere); Mutschler, Blair, Lane, Widdicomb and Paul McCobb showroom catalogs, plus the 1955 Executive Office catalog. There are real surprises in here, things that I did not even suspect existed (no pictures of any globes though...) and a good concise reference for pretty much everything Paul McCobb had ever designed.

I'll be sure to put up some more new stuff soon as I get all of this info bagged and tagged.

Thanks for a great day Melissa!



  1. Wow ... I can't wait to see what you discovered! Sounds like you had a great time!

  2. That is a fantastic development. How exciting that you'll be able to finish up your research this year and get to the task of writing!

  3. No hurry to get it "back in the attic"! Don't forget to come up for air and food occasionally between scanning session.


  4. This is all so very exciting! We can't wait to see the catalogue for the Mutschler M700 series since that is what is in our entire house! :)


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