Attributed to?

Yesterday I saw research from here twisted and perverted to serve the ends of a craigslist furniture reseller. An outright lie in the description of a piece of furniture which was based, at least in part, on one of my very own blog posts debunking a common Paul McCobb misattribution.

It has always been my hope that by providing true, accurate and authoritative information about Paul McCobb's designs and those of his imitators that I could stem the growing tide of misinformation.

It makes me very sad to see my work used this way.


  1. Did you report the post to Craigslist???

  2. I can't do that Barbara. This person has the right to pursue commerce. It would be very wrong of me to try to interfere, I have absolutely no right do so.

  3. That just goes to show that some people value money more than they do their principles. At the end of the day, I'd rather have a clear conscience.

    I know you're sincere in wanting to educate people about Paul McCobb designs. It's a shame your hard work was misused.


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