More about Kopenhavn

Digging a little bit deeper I have now discovered that Kopenhavn was a furniture group produced by Northwest Chair Co., one of those "nationally known brands" that no one ever actually seems to have heard of... but to their credit the Kopenhavn Wall Planner Group was a remarkably successful venture for Northwest Chair Co. and was in production through the entirety of the 1960's.  The group was designed by Noral Olson. 

My best guess now is that the mystery clone chair was most likely a Northwest Chair Company chair but not specifically designed for the Kopenhavn group.


  1. Someone wants to sell us a set of Lane "Perception" tables, and I remembered you had included them in a post, so I came back for another look (and decided they were a bit too frumpy for my taste). While I was here, I re-read some other posts and have a question about a couple.

    While I realize that "Kopenhavn" and "Kobenhavn" are both accepted spellings for the name of the city, I'm curious as to which spelling Northwest Chair Co. used for their furniture group. Do you have a catalog that shows their spelling? I noticed that you used one spelling in this post but another in a previous post. The newspaper ad you included in the previous post had the "Kopenhavn" spelling, but a Northwest Chair catalog would give us a definitive answer.

  2. No catalog and honestly their press from the time used both spellings interchangeably... No help there!


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